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Coin Stacker (10X10 Inches)

Coin Stacker (10X10 Inches)
Coin Stacker (10X10 Inches)
Coin Stacker (10X10 Inches)
Coin Stacker (10X10 Inches)
Coin Stacker (10X10 Inches)
Name of the Product: Coin Stackers Board Game
Product Specifications: It is an interactive board game.
Age: 3 and years.
How to play: In this game, children have to use the coins as game pieces.
Each player will be placing coins on the board as “head” “tail”;
Then players have to place the rest of the coins in the middle of the board.
After that, players have to roll the dice to move their pieces.
When the dice land,
it is called “Add1 coin”,
“Add2 coin”
The pieces stack those onto the player’s coins.
When all coins will out from the middle of the board,
the game will finish.
The player who has the tallest stack of coins will be the winner.
This game has several types of benefits.
These are the following:
This game will help the players to develop Math skills such as addition,
subtraction with the understanding concept of money.
Hand, eye coordination skills will develop for your child by playing this game when moving small pieces.
It will help to control emotions.
This game will develop the social skills for the whole family.
Packing and items that included:
This game comes on one board game 10 by 10 inch and, there will be one dice with this and 60 dummy coins.
Age3yrs and

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